If you do not know your ring size and cannot get to a local jeweller to find out, we recommend that you measure in mm's, the inside diameter of one of your existing rings, that you wear on the finger you are purchasing for (one with  a similar band width).

Alternatively, wrap a piece of paper or string around the finger you wish to adorn and send that measurement (mm) to us when ordering.

Although this is technically an estimate , it is usually enough to work with.

** Please allow a few extra days for custom sizing.

Size chart

If sizing is described as such:





If you are concerned about measuring your finger incorrectly, you have the option to purchase a plastic ring sizer.


Some pieces CANNOT be resized, dependant on proccesses used to create the piece, some stones, and how big the size difference is as well, so please make sure you are ordering the correct size.

If you have any doubts, contact for advice. There may be a small fee for items that can be resized of £40.

Important, please read.

Once a customer has committed to purchasing a custom sized ring, Sharlala Jewellery cannot accept cancellations or returns, as these orders will be processed at the makers expense and made especially for this customer.

Any incorrect sizes are the sole responsibility of the customer, as each customer placing a custom order is clearly instructed to follow the directions on the SIZING page, to help them order the correct ring.