Casting gemstones in place

This is a relatively new and non-traditional method of setting stones. 
Typically a jeweller would finish a piece completely, and setting the stone would be the final part. But with cast not set designs, the stones are left in the wax, and remain there throughout the lost wax casting process.

Only the hardest gemstones, Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds will, with lots of practice (and a little luck) survive this process. The heat of the molten metal, and contraction when it cools, can both contribute to stones cracking and/or clouding.

There are definitely risks involved, but I am a risk taker, and I love the results so much so, that I am willing to take them. The settings will be completely unique, with a lusciously organic vibe. And it’s a wonderful moment for me as a maker, when I receive my work back from my casters, and they are survivors!

The first photo shows the stones set in the wax prior to casting.

The second photo shows some of the rings I’ve made, right after they’ve been cast. The black is the burnt silver, that will be cleaned away with acid. I love how the colours of the gems look at this stage.

And the third is of a finished survivor!